2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
    Oct 23, 2020  
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MIL 231 Basic Military Leadership I

2 credits

The Military Science 231 and 232 courses challenge Cadets to study, practice, and evaluate leadership skills as they are presented with the demands of preparing for the R.O.T.C. Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). Students are presented with challenging scenarios related to small-unit tactical operations in order to develop self-awareness and critical-thinking skills. Cadets are expected to apply effective oral and written communications skills to operations. Cadets receive systematic and specific feedback from peers and instructors on their leadership values, attributes, skills, and actions. In addition to classroom instruction all students enrolled in Military Science 231/232 will participate in Army Physical Training four days a week, Military Leadership Labs once a week, and a Battalion Level Field Training Exercise each semester. Classes are two hours each week.

Prerequisite(s): Advanced placement credit.

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