2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

Special Institutes

Assistive Technology Research Institute

The Assistive Technology Research Institute (ATRI) generates and disseminates knowledge that supports the use of assistive and universal technologies to allow individuals with disabilities and/or reduced function to participate to the greatest extent possible in their personal lives and their communities.

Ethics Institute

The Ethics Institute of Northeastern Pennsylvania at Misericordia University is directed by 15 community leaders and educators who organize forums, workshops, and symposia dealing with a broad range of ethical topics. The institute also provides information and fosters open discussion of complex ethical topics.

Dr. Marie Noël Keller, RSM Institute on Sacred Scripture

The Dr. Marie Noël Keller, RSM Institute on Sacred Scripture, and The Joy of Scripture Webinar Series holds virtual events each academic year that relate to those of all educational backgrounds with the simplicity and elegance of the scriptures themselves. Bringing inspirational and thought-provoking scripture directly to the participants, internationally known scholars make presentations and lead discussions with participants in the comfort of their surroundings.

The Cecilia Meighan, RSM Institute of Law and Religious Life

The Cecilia Meighan, RSM Institute of Law and Religious Life, for those in leadership in Catholic religious orders, offers professional development and practical information in canon and civil law as well as new perspectives on the responsibilities of leadership.

Institute on Aging

Formerly known as Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests, The Institute on Aging provides practical applications and solutions, along with a strong support network, across the psychological, medical, and pastoral aspects of caring for an aging population.